Disabling Firefox tabs smooth scrolling animations


UI animations should improve UX, not impair it!

While smooth scrolling on pages is a matter of personal preferences, and is easily disabled in the settings, tabs smooth scrolling is another story.

The scroll animation for tabs is a good idea, as it helps not losing track of a specific tab, but it is far too slow for my taste.
Unfortunately, there is no way to customize this duration (unless someone is willing to add support for it. It’s just there, take a look!).

The next best thing we can easily do is disable it totally.

It’s fairly easy: open about:config, look for toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll, and set it to false.

But we are not finished!

The opening/closing tab animation is still there.
To disable it, look for browser.tabs.animate and set it to false.

Now we are done.


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