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Movie Barcode Generator

Ever wanted to create your own movie barcode?

Like this?

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Well, now it's easier than ever.


Download, unzip wherever you want, double click MovieBarCodeGenerator.exe!

Then you give it a movie (virtually all video formats are supported), and you get a nice barcode.

Movie Barcode Generator UI

Movie Barcode Generator UI

You can tweak some parameters, to obtain different outputs:

Blade Runner 2049 - smoothed version

Blade Runner 2049, smooth version


Feel free to experiment! Here are some examples of different outputs, using the same movie (Jumper) but with different parameters:

Bar count: 1000, Bar width: 1

Bar count: 1000, Bar width: 1

Bar count: 50, Bar width: 20

Bar count: 50, Bar width: 20

Bar count: 10, Bar width: 100

Bar count: 10, Bar width: 100

This program was used to design the posters and the trailer for the 2013 Brooklyn Film Festival.

Check the trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jDMijLkDPM


This program is freely available, along with its source code, under the GPL license.

Release notes

Version 1.6, 2020-03-13
- [fixed] CLI parsing didn't work for short arguments.

Version 1.5, 2018-08-04
- [added] Allow input to be an url (both in the CLI and the GUI).
- [fixed] Replaced the FFmpeg x64 binary by an x86 one to support 32bits platforms.

Version 1.4, 2018-06-17
- [fixed] "Unable to save the image: System.NullReferenceException" errors happening on systems where the default decimal separator is not a dot. (the fps parameter was not formatted properly)

Version 1.3, 2018-06-10
- [added] Live log in the GUI showing the output of FFmpeg.
- [added] Re-added a batch mode and a CLI interface.
- [added] Allow a file to be drag and dropped on the input text box.

Version 1.2, 2018-04-29
- [fixed] Partial image sometimes being saved after cancelling.

Version 1.1, 2018-04-22
- Rewritten from scratch.
- [changed] Now use FFmpeg instead of DirectShow
		- This means Windows 10 is now properly supported
		- This also means virtually all video formats can now be read!
- [added] Ability to generate smooth barcodes.

Version 0.5, 2011-02-14
- Second public release.
- [changed] Multi-threaded barcode generation.

Version 0.1, 2011-03-20
- First public release.

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