XMPlay Sharp Scrobbler

A Last.fm scrobbling add-on for the XMPlay audio player.

XMPlay Sharp Scrobbler

XMPlay Sharp Scrobbler


(compared to the original xmp-scrobbler plugin)

  • Uses the up to date, still maintained by Last.fm, and unlikely to break scrobbling web API.
  • Does not require you to enter your username or password in clear text in the configuration. (OAuth support)
  • Correctly updates the "Now Playing" track in real time on your Last.fm profile.
  • As per the 2.0 API documentation, seeking in the track is allowed.
  • Can store an infinite amount of tracks waiting to be scrobbled in case Last.fm or your connection is down.
  • Comprehensive logging.
  • Actually works! (I started working on this project because the original add-on was unmainted, and had broken after a Last.fm update...)

See the project's readme for more information, and warning about the requirements.


Source code and latest release available on GitHub!

This add-on is also available from the official XMPlay support website.

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